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How many times have you watched a home design specialist in action and secretly thought that you could do their job just as well as they, perhaps even a little better, if you just had a little more know-how. Perhaps you have watched your tax preparer in April and thought that you, too, could be offering this highly lucrative service -- if you just had a little more training.

Workshop Info understands these thoughts, and is here to help you capitalize on your interest, knowledge, previous training, or simply your idea! Adding power to knowledge, Workshop Info knows that gaining a new set of skills should not be dreary drudgery, and so adds the fun back into learning.

Instead of offering a garden variety of classes and courses, Workshop Info seeks to equip you with the tools you need to find an appropriate workshop that will work for you! It challenges you to think through your requirements, i.e. are you looking for something online or off? Should it be a “mortar and steel” building or would an online chat-room environment suffice?

The various fields that Workshop Info specializes in are:

Business Workshops: whether you are a household budgeter, a small business owner, a professional accountant, a realtor, or a non-profit proposal writer, business-related workshops are a wonderful place to hone your skills and remain on the forefront of late breaking industrial news. Workshop Info understands that what you may need are accounting, foreclosure, or grant writing workshops. Interested parties are urged to utilize Google to find local as well as online workshops.

Artistic _Expression Workshops: if you are an artist, a dancer, a budding designer, perhaps a closet percussionist, jeweler, musician, photographer or writer, then you understand the need to continue your training and skill-building. Workshop Info has identified the needs for artist, dance, design, drum, jewelry, music, photography, and writer’s workshops and suggests that you may wish to start your search by finding a club that is local to your area. Additionally, Google and the Yellow Pages are excellent search tools.

Motivational Workshops: parents, professional educators, supervisors, and employees can benefit from education, interviewing skills, leadership, online, team building, and workshop facilitation workshops. Workshop Info stresses the wealth of available resources online.

Recreational Workshops: gamers of all ages will enjoy the game workshop while recreational do-it-yourselfers are sure to benefit from the New Yankee Workshop, modeled after HGTV’s hit series featuring Norm Abram. Workshop Info encourages you to visit the latter, while searching Google for "Internet gaming workshop" for the players.

Inspirational Workshops: spiritually minded individuals have long since been aware of the weigh down workshops, and Workshop Info again suggests using the power of the Internet to connect with a local chapter of the group if you are would like to put spirituality in the center of your weight loss efforts.

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